About The Game

g-switchEven though that the G-Switch game does not have amazing graphics and plenty of assignments, folks love playing with this running game and appreciating the special idea of this sport – shifting the gravity. In a G-Switch match, you play as a little robot that will run upside-down. On his long run, he’ll meet a lot of challenges and the only means to conquer them – change gravity. It’s possible to run either upside down or in a frequent fashion, however, you ought to avoid falling out of the point since it’s located in the skies.
Single Player Mode – here you have to get to the end line and move all checkpoints. Although that the initial several checkpoints are extremely simple, you may discover how catchy is that the final region of the degree.Endless Mode – in this manner you’re simply running till you perish. I really don’t enjoy playing this manner, but some people today like it.
The most intriguing issue is that it can host up to 6 players at one time. The controller for the game is X button to trigger the gravity change. I am certain that you will love playing the complete version of the G-Switch match at our site.



G-Switch 2